Adam Ivarsson

Full stack developer

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

This starting page is intentionally simple without any fancy reactive framework, so to read more about me and see more exciting things, please visit my other sites below which are, at the moment, under construction. To get a taste of what I've done previously however, see some examples outlined right on this page.

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Some of the things I've done so far in my career are...

Software development for Sectra Medical in their Local Development team

Since the summer of 2018 I've been working in Sectra's Local Development team in Linköping Sweden. Our team's function is to make custom adaptations for specific customer needs: Such as hooking a hospitals radiology department bookings to 1177 or get patient data from national / regional population registries.

Continued design and development of software used to speed up cancer research on Zebrafish models

In this project which started up again during the fall of 2019, Windows WPF and OpenCV are used to continue the developent of software for Bioreperia. See the other Bioreperia project mentioned for more information.

Design and development of software used to speed up cancer research on Zebrafish models

In this project, QT5 and OpenCV was used to develop software for Bioreperia to help with the laboruous task of labeling cancer in images of zebrafish. This included both custom facilities for manual labeling as well as automating some of the steps using computer vision.

Machine learning project within taxi-dispatching

While working at Taxicaller I developed a proof-of-concept software using R and machine learning to improve decisions made by taxi dispatchers using Taxicallers services.

Development of simulation software to educate train-controllers and engine drivers

At VTI me and 6 others collaborated in a university project wherein we developed simulation software that emulated the view that train-controllers have whilst remotely monitoring and controlling tracks.